TS 2040 Printer

Platform(s): TS 1000 TS 2068
Model: TS 2040
Date: 1983
Price: $99.95
Rarity: uncommon

The 2040 printed on 4.3″ wide thermal paper in 32 columns. All Timex computers could print individual lines (LPRINT), list programs (LLIST) or dump the screen (COPY) to the printer.

The 2040 improved on the ZX Printer by adding two ferrite rings around the cable to reduce TV and radio interference and an interface IC, the 74LS10. The IC helps to decode A7 and A2 instead of only A2 on the ZX Printer.

The 2040 was built by Brown Kellog’s subsidiary, Alphacom. They later marketed the same printer as the Alphacom 32.




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